CII’s Partnership Summit, held annually since 1995 - CII’s Centenary Year, has helped international thought-leaders and businesses to engage and participate in shaping debates on global economic dimensions as well as India’s growth and external engagement. Bringing together government leaders, industry, experts and analysts, it has contributed to forging new partnerships, over the years.

The Partnership Summit has been organized jointly with the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (or its earlier forms) since inception. Every year, The Partnership Summit highlights India’s economic reform process, captures key industry and investment policies and opens up opportunities for investment in India across multiple sectors. It acts as a Global platform for dialogue, debate, deliberation and engagement among leaders from all walks of life. The Summit also helps build new partnerships and explore national and international investment through high level networking and structured B2B meetings.

Last year, the Partnership Summit 2020 was held virtually for the first time. The summit was the largest ever and brought together about 7,000 + participants from over 100 countries. Celebrating 125 years of CII, it included 10 Indian Ministers, 19 Ministers from 16 countries,
30+ global CEOs, 60+ heads of institutions and more than 260 speakers. With 7 tracks, it featured 7 country
specific sessions and sessions with 4 states.
Partnership Summit: Over the Years
The Partnership Summit 2020
“Partnership for Lives, Livelihood and Growth”

15 - 18 December, 2020: CII Hive (Virtual Platform)
The Partnership Summit 2019
“New India - Rising to Global Occasions”

12-13 January : Mumbai
The Partnership Summit 2018
“Charting India’s Global Integration Strategy ”

24-26 February :Visakhapatnam
The Partnership Summit 2017
“Partnerships for Sustained Growth in an Emerging Global Economic Order”

27-28 January :Visakhapatnam
The Partnership Summit 2016
“Partnership for A Shared and Sustainable World Economy”

10-12 January :Visakhapatnam
The Partnership Summit 2015
“Partnership for Shared New Realities”

15-17 January : Jaipur
The Partnership Summit 2014
“Emerging Global Value Chains: Building Partnerships”

27-29 January : Bangalore
The Partnership Summit 2013
“Partnership for Enduring Growth”

27-29 January : Agra
The Partnership Summit 2012
“New Age Innovation Partnerships”

11-13 January : Hyderabad
The Partnership Summit 2011
“New Partnerships for Economic Resurgence: The Global Imperative”

22-24 January :Mumbai
The Partnership Summit 2010
“Global Partnerships: Meeting Challenges”

22-24 January: Chennai
The Partnership Summit 2009
“Building Partnerships in a Post-Crisis World ”

19-20 January : New Delhi
The Partnership Summit 2008
“Emerging Geographies: Integrating People ”

16-18 January : Gurgaon
The Partnership Summit 2007
“Emergent India: New Roles and Responsibilities”

17-19 January : Bangalore
The Partnership Summit 2006
“Shaping Growth: Nurturing Development”

17-20 January : Kolkata
The Partnership Summit 2005
“Partnerships for Development”

12-14 January : Kolkata
The Partnership Summit 2004
“India and the World: Engagement and Partnership”

7-9 January : Hyderabad
The Partnership Summit 2003
“Networking Businesses: Linking Nations”

5-8 January : Hyderabad
The Partnership Summit 2002
“Local Boundaries: Global Frontiers”

5-11 January : Bangalore
The Partnership Summit 2001
“New Economy: Old Economy-Moving Ahead Together”

9-11 January : Hyderabad
The Partnership Summit 2000
“Managing Globalisation in the New Millennium ”

9-11 January : New Delhi
The Partnership Summit 1999
“Preparing for the New Millennium”

7-9 January : Jaipur
The Partnership Summit 1998
“Networking Global Partnerships”

8-10 January : Chennai
The Partnership Summit 1997
“Partnerships for Sustaining Growth”

9-11 January : Calcutta
The Partnership Summit 1996
“Transforming India into World Class Excellence”

10-12 January : Bombay
The Partnership Summit 1995

4-6 January : Calcutta
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